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Kitchen Design & Cabinetry

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Moss Point, Mississippi Kitchen Moss Point, Mississippi Kitchen Multi-use drawer bases This drawer base is one of the most popular ways to store pots and pans today but did you know you can also store your dishes this way? A handy peg system will turn the drawers into plate and bowl storage in seconds. 202204663 Why us? Kitchen Design & Cabinetry provides quality products that are built to endure real life. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail will assure all goes as planned. Our kitchens are value packed with solutions to fit your budget and our designer is certified with the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Come see us! 202204664 The beauty of Granite 3 cm New Venetian Gold. Timeless beauty that endures and adds value to your home. 202204665 Creating valuable prep space Spread your wings in the kitchen and let your imagination bring out the chef in you! This peninsula will serve as both prep area for your yummy creations as well as dining space for stools. 202204666 Wall pull-out This space only allowed for a 9" cabinet but the pull- out features makes finding the cooks spices a snap. 202204667 Function & Beauty Adding the narrow tall cabinet to the left of the refrigerator gave this kitchen a handy place to hide the broom. Above the refrigerator is the perfect spot to display treasures that can be seen from all angles in this space. 202204668 Our installers are the best! The installer can make or break the outcome of any project. Don't trusts just anyone to install your investment! Our installers are experienced and do it right the first time. Door: Marquette Full-overlay Species: Maple Finish: Canvas with cocoa glaze 202204669